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Pedals and seats

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Q: A bicycle built for two has two sets of?
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Date a western flyer bicycle was made. H993682 or HU3002-A37 Bicycle built for TWO?

I believe 1960

What has eight flippers two beach balls and rides a bicycle built for two?


What kind of bicycle has two sets of dual tires in the front and one tire in the rear?

That'd be a tadpole trike

Do they make a tandem?

Yes ... it is a bicycle built for two, only the front rider has control of the steering.

What is another name for a bicycle built for two?

you could call it a tandem or a daisy bell bike

What song contains the lyrics Katie Katie give me your answer do?

Perhaps you are thinking of the song, "Daisy Bell (bicycle built for two)." The chorus is: "Daisy Daisy, Give me your answer do! I'm half crazy, All for the love of you! It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage, But you'll look sweet on the seat Of a bicycle built for two !"

What is a bicycle made for two named?

This is a tandem.A tandem.For people sitting one behind the other is known as the Tandem bike.If they're sitting side-by-side it can be called a sociable, a pedal car or a velomobil.A bicycle built for two is called a "Tandem".

What is a bicycle bridge?

A bicycle bridge is a bridge built especially for the ease of travel of cyclists.

What is the name of the bicycle built in 1816?


What are the release dates for Jamie - 1953 Bicycle Built for Jamie?

Jamie - 1953 Bicycle Built for Jamie was released on: USA: 12 April 1954

Is it illegal to ride two people on a bicycle?

It depends a bit on the bicycle, the age of the riders and the local laws - but yes, it may well be illegal. Two adults on the same bicycle is often illegal unless the bicycle is specially built for that purpose - like a tandem. One adult is usually allowed to carry a kid (depending on weight/age and seating arrangement) though.

Tell me a problem you might have while sharing a bicycle built for two?

Slow / Fast Partner Balance Steering / Directions Can't See