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12*15*15 = 2700 cubic centimeters

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Q: A box is 12cm long 15cm wide and 15cm tall what is the volume in cubic centimeters?
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What is the total area of a quadrilateral?

15cm 12cm

What is the volume of a sphere with a radius of 15cm?

Volume = 4/3*pi*153 Volume = 4500*pi cubic cm

What is the volume of 5.0 centimeters x 3.0 centimeters x 15.0 centimeters?

5cm x 3cm x 15cm = 225 cm3

What is the volume of a hexagonal right prism 15cm high and with one of its sides is equal to 6cm?

The formula for the area of a hexagon is 3/2 (square root of 3) side length squared. This gives the area as 93.53 square centimeters, and the volume is then 1402.95 cubic centimeters.

Can you construct a triangle that has side lengths 11cm 12cm and 15cm?


What would the volume of a gold brick you if it is 15cm long 8cm wide and 5cm high?

The volume of a region of space with those dimensions is 15 x 8 x 5 = 600 cubic centimeters, regardless of what's in it. Even if it's empty.

How can you find total surface area when lateral edge is 15cm and vertical height is 12cm?

answer me

What is 15cm plus 15cm plus 17.8cm plus 17.8cm?

65.6 centimeters.

Where is 0.13m on a 15cm ruler?

0.13m is equal to 13cm. So between the 12cm and the 14cm segments :)

What is the volume of a box which measures 2cm deep 15cm long and 10cm high?

2*15*10 = 300 cubic cm

How do you calculate the radius 3cm and pi and height 15cm?

If you mean the volume of a cylinder then it is:- Volume = pi*32*15 = 424.115 cubic cm to 3 decimal places

What is 15cm in millimeters?

15 centimeters = 150 millimeters.

What is 15cm equal to?

15 centimeters is 5.91 inches.

What is 150mm in centimeters?

1cm = 10mm => 150mm = 15cm

What is 15cm in meters?

15 centimeters is 0.15 meters.

What is he volume of a sphere with a diameter that is 15cm?

The volume is 1,767 cm3

Elian is wrapping a box that has a length 15cm height of 12cm and width of 8cm how much wrapping paper does she need?

The surface area of a box 15cm x 12cm x 8 cm is 2 times 15cm times 12cm, plus 2 times 15cm times 8 cm, plus 2 time 12cm times 8 cm, or 792cm2. However, this is only the surface area - the actual wrapping paper required would depend on the method of wrapping and how much overlap is desired. Since you would not want to splice the paper, you certainly would need more that 792cm2 but, again, that depends on your wrapping style.

What is the volume of 10 cm by 5cm?


What is the volume of a cube side 15cm?


15 centimeters are equal to how many millimeters?

15cm = 150mm !

What can be a object 15 centimeters long?

a 15cm long ruler

How many millimeters equals 15 centimeters?


Is the length of a pencil measure in centimeters?

Yes, i would guess about 15cm

15 centimeters equals how many feet?

15cm = 0.49ft (5.90in)

How many cubic meters are there in 40 hectares 15cm deep?

There are 60,000 m3 in a 15cm deep plot with an area of 40 hectares.