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A car has traveled 195 miles in 3 hours. Find the unit rate.

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dont have a clue

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Q: A car traveled a distance of 195 miles in 3 hours and 15 minutes what is the unit rate?
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How many miles does it take in 12 minutes at 35 mph?

35 miles in 1 hour or 60 minutes 12 minutes is 1/5th of an hour so in 12 minutes the distance traveled should also be 1/5th of the distance traveled in 60 minutes which is 7 miles

What is the approximate distance traveled from Kansas City to Miami?

The distance from Kansas City, Kansas to Miami, Florida is about 1,465 miles. It'll take about 22 hours 15 minutes.

How many miles can you travel in 6.75 hours at 52.5 miles per hour?

Distance = Rate * Time Distance = 52.5 mph * 6.75 hours = 354 miles traveled ---------------------------

Flight time from kuala lumpur to Beijing?

A flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China is about 5 hours 53 minutes. The distance traveled would be 2,692 miles.

Flight time Singapore to Perth?

The flight from Singapore to Perth, Australia, would take 5 hours and 21 minutes. The distance traveled is 2,422 miles.

What can you determine if you know the distance traveled by an object is a certain amount of time?

If you know the distance traveled in a certain time you can calculate the speed. Distance traveled/time = speed. ex. 100 miles traveled in 10 hours 100/10 = 10 miles per hour

What is the distance traveled at a speed of 60miles per hour for 8 hours?

480 miles.

Driving at a rate of 50mph for 4 hours find the distance traveled?

200 miles

You traveled 542 miles in 12 hours and 37 minutes how fast were you going?

542 miles in 12 hours and 37 minutes equates to an average speed of 42.96 miles per hour.

How lond does it take to drive 1600 miles at 60 miles and hour?

Since Speed = Distance Traveled / Time, Time = Distance Traveled / Speed. This means Time = 1600 miles / 60 miles per hour = 26.67 hours.

How far did a train travel if it was going 80 mph and traveled for 2 hours and 15 minutes?

The train traveled 180 miles.

What is the Formula for calculating mph and distance?

MPH=distance/time or MPH = (distance x 60) / time It's best to get time in terms of 100 (i.e., 20 mins 20 secs = 20.333 mins) Simple formula for that: minutes + [(seconds x 100)/6000] minutes + [seconds / 60] ( same diff. ) Speed equals miles divided by hours Speed = miles / hours miles = speed x hours hours = speed x miles Where: Speed is mph (miles per hour) Miles are distance traveled Hours are length of time to get there If time less than one hour then divide minutes by 60 to get fraction of an hour.

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