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X = ((75 + 45) * .60) - 50 X = (120 * .60) - 50 X = 72 - 50 X = 22 The team must win 22 of the remaining 45 games to wind up the season with a 60 percent winning percentage.
The team needs to win only 10 games of the remaining 45 games since it has already won 50 out of the 60 required during the season.

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If the team will play 120 games, it must win 72 games (.6 x 1200) to win 60 percent of all games played during the season. Since it has already won 50 games, it only needs to win 22 of the remaining 45 games.

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Q: A high school basketball team won 40 percent of its first 15games beginning with the 16th game How many games in a row does the team now have to win in order to have a 55 percent winning record?
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