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I am assuming that you want to know how many lengths that you have. 4 Meters equals 400 cm. 400 divided by 20 equals 20 pieces.

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20 pieces

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Q: A roll of ribbon 4 meters long was cut into 20cm lengths?
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A 50-inch-long ribbon was cut into four shorter ribbon how long where they?

If the shorter ribbons were all the same length, then each one was 12.5 inches long.If they were not equal, then they could be any four lengths, just as long as their lengths add up to 50.

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the answer is 58 cm,Or3 meters in two pieces

If Chester has a ribbon that is 2 meters long he wants to cut it into 5 equal pieces how many centimeters long will each piece be?

2 meters / 5 = 0.4 meters. (0.4 meters) * ( 100 cm/meter) = 40 cm

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