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Lol no they arent youre stupid

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I- no

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Q: Are blue nerds worth 1 million dollars?
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How much are the blue jays worth?

The team value of the Toronto Blue Jays is 610-million dollars. Rogers Communications purchased the team in 2000 for 137-million dollars.

How much is the blue tulip worth?

About 30 dollars

How much is a 16x18 painting of pinkie and blue boy worth?

100 dollars

How much is a blue crayfish worth?

About $100 dollars from what the local craw fisherman tell me.

How much is a 1922 two dallor bill with a blue star worth?

1,000 dollars

What is the value of a 2.00 paper dollar bill?

A two dollar bill generally is worth very close to two dollars if it has a green seal, however, blue and red seals are worth about five dollars. If it is from 1976, it is also worth about five dollars.

What is the Value of Edison blue amberol recording of that's an Irish lullaby?

Most blue amberols are only worth a few dollars.

The richest team in MLB?

This is a very simple question it's the New York Yankees with around 600 Million dollars more than any other team in Major League Baseball. 1.New York Yankees 1.3 Billion dollars 2.New York Mets 642 Million dollars 3.Boston Red Sox 591 Million dollars 4.Los Angeles Dodgers 482 Million dollars 5.Chicago Cubs 448 Million dollars 6.Washington Nationals 440 Million dollars (No joke they also have the worst record in MLB) 7.St. Louis Cardinals 429 Million dollars 8.Seattle Mariners 428 Million dollars 9.Philadelphia Phillies 424 Million dollars 10.Houston Astros 416 Million dollars 11.San Fransico Giants 410 Million dollars 12.Atlanta Braces 405 Million dollars 13.Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 368 Million dollars 14.Baltimore Orioles 359 Million dollars 15.San Diego Padres 354 Million dollars 16.Texas Rangers 353 Million dollars 17.Cleveland Indians 352 Million dollars 18.Chicago White Sox 315 Million dollars 19.Arizona Diamondbacks 305 Million dollars 20.Colorado Rockies 298 Million dollars 21.Detroit Tigers 292 Million dollars 22.Toronto Blue Jays 286 Million dollars 23.Cincinnati Reds 274 Million dollars 24.Pittsburgh Pirates 250 Million dollars 25.Kansas City Royals 239 Million dollars 26.Milwaukee Brewers 235 Million dollars 27.Oakland Athletics 234 Million dollars 28.Florida Marlins 226 Million dollars 29.Minnesota Twins 216 Million dollars 30.Tampa Bay Devil Rays

How much are the Toronto Blue Jays worth?

According to an article on, the Toronto Blue Jays value is $344 million as of April, 2007.

What is the value of a series 1953 A US 5 dollar bill?

If it has a blue seal it is worth 8 to 10 dollars in circulated condition and 18 dollars or more in uncirculated condition. If it has a red seal it is worth 4 to 9 dollars circulated and 12 dollars or more uncirculated.

What is an Iowa statehood centennial half dollar worth?

about agazillion dollars, if u smell them u will turn blue

How much is the blue five pound note worth?

It's 50 RMB in China, and it's about 7.5 US dollars