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Fraternal twins can be the same sex or opposite sexes. It doesn't matter.

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False I am a fraternal twins and I am the same gender

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Q: Are fraternal twins never the same sex?
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Can non-identical twins be the same sex?

Yes, the sex of the fraternal twins has nothing to do with the fact that they are twins.

Can fraternal twins be of the same sex?

The answer is yes. I have quadruplets who are all fraternal and are all boys. Fraternal (non identical) multiples can be of any sex. Identical multiples are of the same sex.

If a boy and a girl are twins are they faternal twins or twins?

Twins can only be identical if they are the same sex. If they are boy and girl, they are fraternal.

Was Shakespeare's twins identical?

No. All identical twins are the same sex. Judith and Hamnet were opposite sexes, and so were fraternal twins.

What is combination of chromosomes XY for fraternal twins?

If two fraternal twins have the XY sex chromosomes, they will be male.

How is a fraternal twin different from other twins?

Identical twins come from a single fertilized ovum, and are always of the same sex. Fraternal twins come from separate ova, and may be of different sex. Its ferternal.actualy, furturnal twins are normal. identical twins are rare. identical twins are twins that look axactly alike, and furturnal twins do not look the same.

Does 2 sacs and one placenta mean fraternal twins?

I am pretty sure because that is how my twins are at the moment that one placenta and two sacs mean identical twins more often than fraternal and more often identical if they are the same sex

Are twins that can only be two girls or two boys identical?

Not necessarily. "Same sex fraternal" twins are more common than many people realize.

Can conjoined twins be different gender?

Nature has various safety valves. That is one of them. Conjoined Twins are identical twins with a natural connective bond, therefore they always take the same sex. Fraternal twins, like the fictional Bobbseys, can be Boy and Girl.

Why do fraternal twins don't have to be of the same sex?

Unlike identical twins, fraternal twins come from two separate eggs each getting fertilized by a separate sperm. Now these sperms can both carry an X chromosome or a Y chromosome giving rise to fraternal twins of the same gender. But at times one could carry the X chromosome and the other could carry the Y chromosome resulting in twins of opposite gender.

What is the different between identical twins and franternal twins?

Identical twins look precisely "identical" - they came from the same egg. Fraternal twins (which can be the same sex or opposite sexes) do not look all that much alike, and came from two separate eggs.

Why can fraternal twins be a different gender but identical twins are the same gender?

Identical Twins are the result of a single fertilized egg spliting in two producing two genetically identical children. Fraternal twins are the result of the mother producing two eggs each fertilized by a different sperm from the father. This can result in opposite sex twins.

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