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Well, you know that 4 divides 400 evenly, so are there any zeroes in 95/4?

You know that 4*20=80 and 4*30=120, so whatever 95/4 is, it will be between 20 and 30.

So, no zeroes in 495/4

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Q: Are there any zeros in the quotient 495 divided by 4 how can you tell with out finding the quotient?
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How do you graph quadratics by finding zeros?

You cannot graph quadratics by finding its zeros: you need a lot more points.Some quadratics will have no zeros. Having the zeros does not tell you whether the quadratic is open at the top (cup or smiley face) or open at the bottom (cap or grumpy face). Furthermore, it gives no indication as to how far above, or below, the apex is.

How can you tell with out dividing that 479 divided by 6 will have a 2 digit quotient?

because 6 cant go into 4

-54 divided by -3?


Does the quotient of 4554 divided by 9 have a remainder. how can you tell without dividing?

No, because the digits of 4554 finally add up to 9 and 4545/9 = 505

How can you tell without dividing that 4796 will have a 2 digit quotient?

You can't tell anything about the quotient until you know whatthe divisor is going to be.-- If I divide your 4,796 by 4, the quotient is 1,199 . . . 4 digits.-- And if I divide it by 2,398, the quotient is 2 . . . . only 1 digit.

How can you tell about two integers when their quotient is positive negative zero?

If both integers are positive or both negative then the quotient is positive. If they are one of each then the quotient is negative.

Can you tell without dividing a number how many digits are in the quotient?

No, because a quotient requires two numbers. Given the two numbers it is quite easy to work out the number of digits in the quotient.

What can you tell about two Integers when their quotient is zero?

The first integer is zero.

How many zeros are possible factorial 10 to the power factorial 10?

Factorial 10 to the power factorial 10 will have 7257600 zeros.

Can you tell the number of digits that will be on the quotient for 427 divided by 7 just by looking at the problem?


How can you tell how many digits the quotient of 645divided by 3 will have?


Is 1492 odd or even how can you tell?

It is divisible by 2 such that the quotient is a whole number.