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not all 3 can be greater than 60 each as the max degrees between all 3 has to be 180 degrees

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Q: Can a triangle have all the three angles greater than 60?
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What is a triangle that has three angles with all measuring angles greater than zero but less than ninety?

An acute triangle

What polygon and three angles and three sides and one of the angles is greater than 90 degrees?

An obtuse angled triangle.

How do you classify a triangle by its angles?

If all three angles of a triangle measure less that 90 degrees (if all three angles are acute), the triangle is an acute triangle. A triangle that has a right angle (an angle the measures exactly 90 degrees) is a right triangle. (The other 2 angles will be acute angles.) A triangle that has an angle that is greater than 90 degrees (an obtuse angle), is an obtuse triangle. (The other 2 angles will be acute angles.)

What is a obtuse triangle?

An obtuse triangle is one which has one angle that is greater than 90 degrees.

Can a acute triangle be an obtuse triangle?

No, all three angles must be less than 90 degrees each in an acute triangle. In an obtuse triangle one of the angles is greater than 90 degrees. A triangle with a 90 degree angle is called a right triangle.

Can an acute triangle have all acute angles?

An acute triangle *is* a triangle with all acute angles. For example, an equilateral triangle where all three angles are 60°.If a triangle has one 90° angle, then it is a right triangle.If it has one angle greater than 90°, then it is an obtuse triangle.

Does an isosceles triangle have a angle greater than 90?

It can. An example of an isosceles triangle without any angles greater than 90 would be an equilateral triangle, with all angles equalling 60 degrees. An example with an angle greater than 90 would be a triangle with angles of 100 degrees, 40 degrees and 40 degrees. You couldn't have an isosceles triangle with 2 angles greater than or equal to 90, as all the angles sum to 180 degrees.

Can an obtuse triangle be regular why?

No - not a plane triangle. The angles of a regular triangle must be equal. So an obtuse triangle, if regular, would have three obtuse angles. The sum of the angles would then be greater than 3*90 = 270 degrees. But the sum of angles of a triangle must be 180 degrees.

A triangle has angle measurements of 37°, 85°, and 58°. What kind of triangle is it?

Obtuse scalene triangle ,these three angles greater than 90 degrees but less than 18 degrees

Classify the triangle by its angles?

An acute angled triangle has all its angles less than 90°.A right angled triangle has one of its angles equal to 90°.An obtuse angled triangle has one angle greater than 90°.A scalene triangle has all three sides of different lengths.An isosceles triangle has two sides and two angles equal.An equilateral triangle has all its sides and angles equal.

Is is possible for an equallatteral triangle to be obtuse?

No-An equilateral triangle has equal angles, an obtuse angle is greater than 90. So, an equilateral triangle with an obtuse angle would have the three angles add up to a MINIMUM of 270.0000000000001, and a triangle's angles must add up to 180°.

What triangle have three angles with measurement greater than zero called?

If a three-sided figure (triangle) has one angle that is zero, then all angles will be zero and the three sides will be coincident, that is, they will occupy the same space and will, therefore form a single line. Such a figure would not be referred to as a triangle, and would have little practical value in trigonometry (the study of triangles).Therefore, every triangle has three angles greater than zero degrees, whether it be isoceles, right-angled, equilateral, or any other.