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Without breaking every bone in his body, no. He's actually used 1,000,000% of his power on a villain before.

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grape Juice

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Chris Mcelroy

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yes he can

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Q: Can deku from my hero academia use 100 percent of his power?
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Izuku midorya/deku

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he is from my hero acdamia.

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Naruto Shippuden movie does Naruto die?

No, he does not die. It is like in My Hero Academia, when Sir Nighteye sees that Deku will die, but still, Deku does not give up and ironically enough, Sir Nighteye dies but Deku does not. Also, what kind of anime would kill off the protagonist? If Naruto died then the story would end, and there would be no interesting plot.

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What’s better my hero academia or naruto?