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Divide by 5280.

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Q: Convert lineal feet to gross miles?
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How do you Convert lineal feet to lineal meters?

Multiply feet by 0.3048

How do you convert square feet to lineal feet?

you don't. square feet is area, lineal feet is distance.

Convert 760 lineal feet to cubic meters?

Not a valid conversion.

How to convert linear feet into meters?

Converting Lineal Feet to Meters is (LF*12)/39.37

How do you CONVERT Square foot to lineal foot?

You don't. Square feet is a measure of area and lineal foot is a measure of length Your question is like asking how do you convert Gallons to Inches

How many sq ft in 10.16 lineal ft x 11 lineal ft?

Multiply the two together to convert to area. The answer is 111.76 square feet.

What is lineal feet?

Lineal feet are units for measuring lengths.

How do you turn inches into lineal feet?

To convert inches to feet just divide by 12 (since there are 12 inches per foot).

How many lineal feet are in 475 feet?

A linear or lineal foot is EXACTLY the same as a foot. So, the answer is 475 lineal feet.

What is 71 lineal feet equal to length in feet?

Feet and lineal feet are the same measurement - lineal feet is merely used as a term to distinguish feet from square or cubic feet.

How do you convert 5 lineal feet into just feet?

lineal and linear mean relating to lines... usually straight lines.Feet are a measurement of distance - usually in a straight line.Lineal feet or linear feet ARE "just" feet.5 linear feet means 5 feet long.The word lineal or linear is sometimes used to avoid confusion with square feet, which measure area, or cubic feet, which measure volume.

Cubic meter into lineal feet?

You can't convert cubic metres into feet because the first is a measure of volume and the second is a measure of length.