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If the number is odd, the last digit is odd. That means the ten's digit must be twice the one's digit. There are only four two-digit numbers where the ten's digit is twice the one's digit: 21, 42, 63, 84. Check which of these satisfy all the clues.

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how do you know that?

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63 is the answer andย ย hopfully I helped you

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Q: Dan found a two digit odd number one of its digits was half the other the number was greater than 50 what is the number?
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What is the solution for Dan found a two digit odd numberOne of its digits was half the other The number was greater than 50What number did Dan find?


Dan found a two digit odd number one of its digits was half the other the number was greater than 50 what number did dan find?


What digit 0-9 is not found in the first 31 digits of pi?

These are the first 31 digits of pi:3.1415926535897932384626433832795The number not found is zero.

First 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of c?

Find the greatest product of five consecutive digits in the 1000-digit number.7316717653133062491922511967442657474235534919493496983520312774506326239578318016984801869478851843858615607891129494954595017379583319528532088055111254069874715852386305071569329096329522744304355766896648950445244523161731856403098711121722383113622298934233803081353362766142828064444866452387493035890729629049156044077239071381051585930796086670172427121883998797908792274921901699720888093776657273330010533678812202354218097512545405947522435258490771167055601360483958644670632441572215539753697817977846174064955149290862569321978468622482839722413756570560574902614079729686524145351004748216637048440319989000889524345065854122758866688116427171479924442928230863465674813919123162824586178664583591245665294765456828489128831426076900422421902267105562632111110937054421750694165896040807198403850962455444362981230987879927244284909188845801561660979191338754992005240636899125607176060588611646710940507754100225698315520005593572972571636269561882670428252483600823257530420752963450

Dan found a two digit number less than 50the sum of its digits was 12 their difference was 4what number did dan find?


Dan found a twodigit odd number. one of its digits was half the other. the number was greater than 50. what was it?


How many 3 digit numbers can be found using 3 of the digits 6789 only once in each number?

4 options for the first digit, 3 options for the second digit, 2 options for the third digit. Multiply the number of options together, and you find how many 3-digit numbers you can get.

Where is the first 0 in the digits of pi found?

The 32nd digit after the decimal point.

What is the four digit number?

A four digit whole number can be found from 1000 to 9999

List of the significant figure rule?

Each measurement is considered to have a certain number of what are called significant digits or significant figures ( aka sig figs or sig.digs ) . Rules for Identifying the Number of Significant Digits in a Number Rules 1)Any nonzero (digits from 1 to 9 ) digits are significant . 2)Any zeroes found between two significant digits are significant . 3)Any zeroes that are found to the right of both a significant digit and a decimal place are significant . Examples from the Rules Above According To Each Rule 1)Number 942 , with three nonzero digits , shows 3 significant digits 2)Number 50003 , with 2 nonzero digits and 3 zeroes between and significant digits , shows 5 significant digits . 3)Number 75.00 , with 2 nonzero digits and 2 zeroes that are to the right of both a significant digit and a decimal shows 4 significant digits . Always consider each rule and try memorizing them ,Practice and Memorize

When you are making 3 digit numbers with 3 digits how do you know you have found them all?

there should be six answers

The pages of a book are numbered and it's found that 495 digits are used How many pages were there?

There are 9 pages that use a single digit (pages 1-9), leaving 495 digits - 9 pages × 1 digit/page = 486 digits There are 90 pages that use 2 digits (pages 10-99), leaving 486 digits - 90 pages × 2 digits/page = 306 digits There are 900 pages that use 3 digits (pages 100-999); this would be 2,700 digits, so the number of pages is somewhere in the hundreds. 306 digits ÷ 3 digits/page = 102 pages in the hundreds. → total number of pages = 102 + 90 + 9 = 201 pages.

Which prime number has 1 billion digits?

It has been proven that there is no largest prime number, and therefore there exists a prime number, in fact, infinitely many, greater than 10^999999999 (having a billion digits); however, no humans have actually found a specific number of that size and identified it as prime.

Dan the detective looked for a number he found a two digit number less than 50 the sum of its digits was 12 their difference was 4 what number did dan find?


How many significant digits are found in the number 880?


Is 0.5 greater or less than 0.4?

0.5 is greater. For positive decimal numbers with only 0 to the left of the decimal point, whichever number, if either, has the larger digit immediately to the right of the decimal point is larger. If the numbers have the same digit immediately to the right of the decimal point, apply the same test to the successive digits after the decimal points until one with a distinction is found; the larger of the first distinctive digit after the decimal point is in the larger number.

How many significant figures does 98.57 have?

Four. The number of significant figures in any number is found by counting the number of digits starting with the first non - zero digit (eg 0.12 has 2 sig figures, 304 has 3 sig figures.)

Out of the first 30 digits of pi what number is not found?

Zero (0).

I am a whole number represented by three digits if you double me i will still be represented by three digits That's true of others numbers as well but I am larger than any of them what's the answer?

The largest three digit number you can have is 999. So look for a number, starting with 999, that will divide evenly by 2. If 999 won't divide evenlly then try 998. If that doesn't work try 997, etc. You will quickly find the number you're looking for because when you double it you will get the largest possible three digit number found by doubling that whole number.

Vin numbers on Chevy Suburban engine?

Engine Identification. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located on the left side rear of the engine block and is typically a 9 digit number stamped or laser-etched onto the engine at the assembly plant. - The 1st digit identifies the division. - The 2nd digit identifies the model year. - The 3rd digit identifies the assembly plant. - The 4th through 9th digits are the last 6 digits of the 17 digit VIN found on the body. According to my Chevy dealer, the engine number can be derived from the VIN as follows: - The 3rd digit of your VIN represents the division code. - The 10th digit of your VIN represents the model year. - The 11th digit of your VIN represents the plant code. - The 12th through 17th digits of your VIN represent the sequence number (the last 6 digits of the engine vin). Also according to the dealer, the only way to actually see the VIN on an engine is to actually remove. Apparently the clearances are so tight. This information about the engine VIN also applies to Chevy Tahoes.

What is found on the front of a credit card?

A credit card number contains a single-digit major industry identifier (MII), a six-digit issuer identifier number (IIN), an account number and a single-digit checksum.

Where is the VIN number located on my 2001 Volkswagen Cabriolet?

The VIN number is a 17 digit number (for cars made in 1981-present), and it is located on the drivers side dash. It should be viewable through the winshield. On a 2001 Volkswagen Cabriolet, the first digit will begin with a 1, 3, 9, or W, depending on where the car was manufactured. The tenth digit will be a 1 (standing for 2001) for the year the car was manufactured. If you can find these digits on your car, you have found the VIN number.

Do any credit cards have 14 digit numbers?

There are exactly 14 digits on the Diner's Club Credit Card. Some other credit cards may contain only 14 digits, but usually there are 16 digits found on a credit card.

Is .599 less than .05?

No. Compare numbers digit by digit from the highest place value column, moving right a column each time the digits are the same until a difference is found (or none is found and the numbers are equal). For 0.599 and 0.05 the highest place value column with a value other than 0 in either number is the tenths column. In 0.599 the tenths column is 5 whereas in 0.05 it is 0; 5>0 → 0.599 > 0.05

What is the only digit that cannot be found in the units place of a palindromic number?