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The evaluation for the board exam answer sheets is likely to begin from May 4, 2020, by the Uttar Pradesh Board. According to the media reports, the Uttar Pradesh Board will resume the evaluation after the Lockdown is over.

Before the lockdown, the evaluation process for the board exam answer sheets was not completed, by the board. The UP Board will begin paper evaluation immediately after the lockdown ends for benefit of students, the Minister reportedly said.

Earlier the reports regarding the evaluation beginning after April 25, 2020, were nulled by the official of the Board. More than 3 crore copies were to be evaluated by the teachers, this year.

The other boards have ordered the evaluation of the board exam answer sheets to be done from home for the quick declaration of the results.

There are approximately 275 evaluation centres of UP Board across the state. According to media reports, the task will take about 20-25 days to complete. This is why the Board has estimated the results to be released latest by June 2020. However, the Board has not released any statement regarding the evaluation of copies or the release of results yet.

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Please mail me the date of Class X result in U.P. board

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Q: Date of Class X result in UP board?
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