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‘One another’ is Ok, as in ‘they can’t stand one another’.

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2021-04-30 11:03:02
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2012-05-20 16:27:08

Well actually you don't normally say either , its normally one or the other

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Q: Do you say one and other or one another?
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What do people who like each other do first in the morning?

they say hello to one another

When you say that one thing is like another its called a smilie when you say one thing is another that is called?

When you say one thing is another, it is called a metaphor.

Is it one another or one and other?

the answer is one another.

What did one John say to the other John?

A "John" is another word for a toilet. As the joke goes, "What did one John say to the other John?" The answer is: "You look a big flushed."

Is it one and other or one another?

It's one another.

If one doctor is better than the other what to say without hurting the other doctor reputation?

If you prefer the services of one doctor to another then you don't have to say anything to the other. I am sure you wont hurt his reputation if you don't talk about why you changed to any one.

What is another name for One or the other?

other or one

How do you say other in french?

autre the other day = l'autre jour I will do that another day = je ferai ça un autre jour I want the other one / another one = je veux l'autre / un autre, une autre

What are the other two ways of saying water power?

One way to say water power is hydroelectric power. Another way to say it is just hydroelectricity.

When one is the other what's the other one?

In the rare cases the one is the other, the other one is always another other. It's mother's other and it's brother always form the other other, assuming that this other other has another.

To say one thing and do another?


What did one telephone say to another?


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