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Q: For exercises 1-6 give The dimension of each rectangle that can be made from the given number of tiles then use the dimensions of rectangles to list all the factor pairs of each number?
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How do you find depth of a rectangle given the widthlength and area?

Rectangles don't have depth. If your figure has three dimensions, divide the area by the product of the two dimensions you know. The quotient will be the third dimension.

How do you find the missing dimensions in generic rectangle?

You must use the information given that describes that particular rectangle,together with the laws, equations, and formulas you have that relate to theproperties of rectangles, to derive the missing information.The answer will depend on what dimension is missing and what information you do have.

What is a rectangles dimensions if it has a area of 45 and a perimeter of 36?

It is a 3 x 15 rectangle !

How long is the diagonal dimension of a rectangle with dimensions of 26' 40 '?

The diagonal is 47.707'

How long is the diagonal dimension of a rectangle with dimensions 60' by 80'?

The diagonal is 100'

The ratio of the dimensions of a rectangle is 5 to 4 the shorter dimension is 6.5 inches. what is the longer dimension?

8.125 inches

What is the effect on the perimeter of a rectangle if the dimension are doubled what is the effect on its perimeter?

A rectangle has two dimensions - length and width. Only if both dimensions are doubled, then the perimeter will be doubled.

What is its the width of 2 rectangles that the areas are 15cm2 and 60cm2 the lengt of the first rectangle is 5cm?

I can give the width of one of the rectangles. The first rectangle of area 15 cm2 and length of 5 cm has width of 3 cm. It is impossible to know the width of the other rectangle of area 60 cm2. However, if you had said that the two rectangles were similar, then the dimensions of the second rectangle would be 10 cm X 6 cm. But you didn't say that the two rectangles were similar; so there are infinite possibilities of what the dimensions of the second rectangle might be.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 28 one is six less tha thrice the other what is the dimension of the rectangle?

The dimensions work out as length = 9 and width = 5

What is the dimension of all the rectangles that can't be made from the given number of tiles 45?

There are infinitely many of them. Any rectangle with dimensions 2*a where a > 22 cannot b made. So, 2*23, 2*24, 2*25, and so on.

Is the area the same on all rectangles with the same perimeter?

No, it is not. I'll give you two examples of a rectangle with a perimeter of 1. The first rectangle has dimensions of 1/4x1/4. The area is 1/16. The second rectangle has dimensions of 3/8x1/8. The area is 3/64. You can clearly see that these two rectangles have the same perimeter, yet the area is different.

Is a retangle a square or is a square a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle, rectangles don't have to be squares but squares have to be rectangles.

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