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You cannot. You have only one brain so you can use at most 1 of your brain!

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You cannot. You have only one brain and so cannot use more than one brain. Its quite simple, really!

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Q: How can we use more than 10 of our brain?
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Should your mind be in use more than 10 percent?

It is, The 10% use of the mind/brain is a myth.

What is the theme of the movie Lucy?

The movie Lucy is about a woman who absorbs a drug which allows her to use her brain more than 10%.

What would happen if you controlled more then 10 percent of your brain?

As you already control more than 10 percent of your brain nothing significantly different would happen.

How much brain do you use?

About 10% of your brain ---------------------------------- Actually you use just about all of your brain

What is the typical use for a usb cable?

They are worth more than 10 dollars.They are worth more than 10 dollars.They are worth more than 10 dollars.They are worth more than 10 dollars.They are worth more than 10 dollars.a

What side of your brain is the creative side?

We only use about 10% of our brain. I know that depending on your personality, your predominant side of the brain changes. People who are more predominantly creative, use their right side of the brain.

How many motor ports vex?

on an old vex brain there are 8 but you can use y cables to use more than 8 motors on a new cortex brain there are 10 motor ports 8 3 wire and 2 2 wire

How much brain power did albert Einstein use?

Albert einstein was an amazingly intelligent man. Normal human beings use about 10% of there brain "Power" but Albert on the other hand used a lot more than the average human being. It has been scientifically studied and scientist say that Albert used about 20% of his brain "Power". But there is someone who used even more than Albert Einstein.

What percent of brain do we use?

You have heard it said that we only use 10% of our brain. That is untrue, we use 100%.

What organ has more than 10 billion nervous cells and weighs an average of 3lb?

The Human Brain!

How much of the human brain is actually used?

The human brain is used 100%. Some parts may show more activity than others and some parts may be used more often than others. But every part of it is in use. Studies of brain damage have shown that there is almost no part of the human brain that can be damaged without loss of abilities. The 10% use of the brain is an urban myth. The quote has been false attributed to many people, among those is Albert Einstein.

What precentage of brain power do humans use?

We really have no accepted definition of or way to measure "brain power" so it is hard to say what the maximum possible power is or how much of that people use. No credible neuroscientist holds with the 10% dogma. By almost any reasonable measure we use more than that.

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