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While there is date on many products this is seldom a expiry date (the implication is that after the days the food or medication has gone bad) There is however a date to signify a "use before date" or "sell before date" to ensure freshness and customer satisfaction.

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The product will have a date stamped on.

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Q: How can you determine the expire date of products?
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There is no expiry date or date of manufacture on American cosmetic products such as deodorants and cold creams?

Generally, there isn't. Products like Nivea Cream do not have a set expiration date; I personally use them anytime as long as they have been kept in a cool, dry place for the majority of my possession of them. If you notice that the cosmetic product has deviated in colour or has developed a strange smell (other than the one that you noticed when you first purchased the product), avoid using it. Other than that, it's all based on your judgment of the product; deodorants may expire after a long time (you may notice once they start developing an odd odor and/or begin to change in colour), so it is always smart to consider how long you have had the product, and its current condition, before you use it. As an option, you can use Cosmetic Calculator to find out the production and expiration dates of cosmetic product using batch code printed on the product.

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Does insect repellent expire?

Insect repellent can and does expire. Over time it will lose its effectiveness. The expiration date should be located on the can itself.

Do douches expire?

All health care products have an expiration date. You will find it printed on the container or package.

How do companies determine when foods will expire?

When the product was made and when it was sealed.

Do hair products expire?

Yes ,hair's product can expire....

Does gin expire?

dyanmite orange gin expire date

What is meant by expiration date in credit card?

An expiration date is when whatever the item is will expire. Expire means it is no longer good.

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Does coconut water expire?

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Does Jell-o expire?

Yes, jello does expire just as all foods do. There should be an expiration date or a use by date on the packaging.

Does pepper spray expire?

Yes, Pepper Spray does expire. It has a two year expiration date imprinted on the container it comes in. That is not to say it isn't good after that date.

What is the grace period for home owners insurance policy?

Homeowners insurance is typically a 1 year term policy, It has a start and end date. At the expire date (end date) the policy is expired. There is no grace period after expire. Typically you are notified prior to the expire date of policy renewal. If you do not renew the policy, It just expires on the end date.