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Remove the decimal to the right and the answer will be 1.23ร—10-1

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Shift a decimal place right from the starting point. Therefore, we write out:

1.23 x 10-1

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Narvin Reed Jr.

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10 squared DOES NOT equal what?

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Q: How do you express 0.123 in scientific notation?
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You express 69000 in scientific notation as 6.9 × 104

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0.000045 in Scientific Notation = 4.5 x 10-5 or 4.5e-5

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What is 0.000098 in scientific notation?

This number in scientific notation is 9.8x10-5.

What Is 1230000 Express In Scientific Notation?

It is: 1.23*10^6 in scientific notation

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654.6732 in Scientific Notation = 6.546732 x 102

Express 143250 in scientific notation?

143,250 in Scientific Notation = 1.4325 x 105

Express 1323000 in scientific notation?

1,323,000 in Scientific Notation = 1.323 x 106

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9m in Scientific Notation = 9 x 100m

How do you express 1840000 in scientific notation?

1,840,000 in Scientific Notation = 1.84 x 106

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374.274 in Scientific Notation = 3.74274 x 102

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"each" is a word from the English language. There is no scientific notation for it.

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It is: 4.35*10^9 expressed in scientific notation.

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4,382,000 in Scientific Notation = 4.382 x 106

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514.26 in scientific notation = 5.1426 × 102 or5.1426E2