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You divide it by 4.

So 16 ÷ 4 = 4

Or you can halve it to get 8 and halve it again to get 4

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To calculate a quarter of any number, divide that number by 4.

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Q: How do you quarter the number 16?
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What number is a quarter of 16?


How many quarter miles in 4 miles?

16 quarter miles

What is the difference between a quarter of 16 and a half of 16?

A quarter of 16 is 4 Half of 16 is 8 They differ by 4 Note that a half is always twice a quarter.

What is 16.25 as a fraction?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 16.25 is equal to 16 1/4 or 16 and a quarter.

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What is a quarter of a quarter?

1/16, a semiquaver.1/4 x 1/4 = 1/16

How many quarter cups in 16 ounces?

8 quarter cups

What would a quarter of a quarter ounce be weigh?

1/16 of an ounce

What is a quarter of 64?


What is 1 quarter of 64?


What is 4 divided by a quarter?


What decimal fraction of 16 is 4?

4 is a quarter of 16, which is 25% of 16

4 is what percent of 16?

4 is 25% of 16 (one quarter)

How much quarter are there in 4?

There are 16 of them because 16/4 = 4

What numbers are in a quarter inch?

A quarter inch can, in principle, be divided into ANY number of parts. So any number can be in a quarter inch.

What is four divided by one quarter?


Is one quarter bigger than three sixteens?

Yes. A quarter is 4/16

What is 1 and 1 quarter as a whole number?

1 and 1 quarter is not a whole number. The nearest whole number is 1.

Which is bigger one quarter of three sixteenths?

One quarter is 1/4 = 4/16 and three sixteenths is 3/16, so one quarter is greater than three sixteenths

One quarter of 16?

(1/4) x 16 = 4

What is one quarter of 64?


What is one-fourth of 16?

1/4 of 16 = 16*1/4 = 4

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i think that QUARTER MILLIONis the same number as 250,000

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A quarter is a pure number and so has no dimensions.