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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you reduce 65-78 to simplest form?
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What s 8.875 as a mixed number fraction?

It is 8 and 7/8 as a mixed number in its simplest form

What is 0.711 in simplest form?

in simplest fractional form --- 711/1000 it will not reduce.

When are fractions in simplest form?

They are in there simplest form when they can reduce down no more, e.g 4/6 in its simplest form will be 2/3. 2/3 can reduce no more.

Why reduce fractions to simplest form?

U have to do it in simplest form to get a smaller nuMber froM tHE OrIGiNaL NUMber

How do you reduce 1 4 to its simplest form?

1/4 is in its simplest form: it cannot be reduced further.

Can you reduce 2 over 9?

no, it is in its simplest form.

Reduce the fractions in simplest form?

You could, if you wished to.

How do you reduce the fraction three sevenths to it's simplest form?

3/7 is in it's simplest form

What is 3 over 500 in simplest form?

3/500 does not reduce so it is already in simplest form.

How do you reduce the fraction two thirds percent to its simplest form?

The fraction two-thirds is already in its simplest form.

What is 19 over 100 in simplest form?

It is in simplest form. you can't reduce it any more. 19/100

What is 21out of 25 in its simplest form?

21/25 is already in its simplest form i.e. cannot reduce further

What does simplest form means for math?

simplest form is when you take a fraction and you reduce it so it cant be reduced anymore

Can 51 over 57 be reduce's in simplest form?

17/19 is the simplest form of 51 over 57.

What does a simplest form mean?

Say you have 2\4, and you want to put it in simplest form, you reduce it to 1\2, which is 2\4's simplest form

How much is 6578 feet in meters?

Answer: 6578 ' = 2004.974 m

How do you reduce 5 25 to its simplest form?


What do you call it when a fraction is shrunk?

You can reduce a fraction to its simplest form.

How do you reduce 8 16 to its simplest form?


When is GCF used?

When you want to reduce fractions to their simplest form.

Can you reduce five twelfths?

No. 5/12 is in simplest form.

What is 2 40 in simplest form?

you can not reduce it because it is not possible

What doess 16 reduce to?

It's already in the simplest form.

What does 28 and 15 reduce to?

28/15 is in its simplest form.

What is a word for to write an expression in its simplest form?

simplify it, reduce it