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(1) $0.50

(2) $0.10

(3) $0.05

(15) $0.01

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i am not american

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Q: How do you use 21 coins to make a dollar?
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How many ways can you make a dollar using 21 coins?


How do you use 21 coins to make 21 cents?

21 pennies

What are ways to make a dollar with 21 coins?

You cant unless you have 100 pennies.

How do you make a dollar with 21 coins without using pennies?

I'd say you can't. If all the coins are the smallest possible without pennies, they must all be nickels, and 21 of them make $1.05 . So in order for 21 coins to be not more than $1.00, there must be some pennies.

How many ways can you make a dollar with 21 coins only using 50c 25c 10c 5c and 1c coins?

3 dimes 13 nickles 5 pennies

If you have 21 coins and it needs to add up to a US dollar 5 ways?


What 21 coins total to 1 dollar?

Dime = 7 Nickel = 4 Penny = 10

How many different ways can you find for 21 coins totaling one dollar cents?

5 ways

How do make a dollar out of 21 coins?

One dollar can be made by adding the values of the following 21 U.S. coins: 10 pennies (10 ¢) 7 nickels (35 ¢) 3 dimes (30 ¢) 1 quarter (25 ¢) There are also many other possible configurations including: 10 pennies (10 ¢) 4 nickels (20 ¢) 7 dimes (70 ¢) and 5 pennies (5 ¢) 13 nickels (65 ¢) 3 dimes (30 ¢)

How many ways to make 50p using 10p 5p and 2p coins?

21 ways

What is kt of gold in 20 dollar coin?

US $20 gold coins are made of 90% gold, which puts it at about 21 1/2 kt.

What are coins for in 21 questions?

In the game 21 Questions, coins are used to reveal who answered questions about you. There are two ways that you can collect coins: by playing the game or purchasing them.

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