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you just used it in a sentence... How do you use mathematical in a sentence? is a sentence

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That's actually very correct
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There are unsolved mathematical equations to this day.

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Q: How do you use mathematical in a sentence?
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A mathematical sentence containing?

A mathematical sentence containing > or <<br />

How do you use the word mathematical model in a sentence?

A mathematical model is a description of a scientific system using math.The scientists created a mathematical model to explain the process.We studied the mathematical model.

What is a mathematical sentence?

A mathematical sentence usually refers to an equation. x + y = 3 can be "translated" into this mathematical sentence: The sum of x and y is 3.

What is the difference between mathematical sentence and mathematical phrase?

difference between sentence and phrase in math

How can you use the word array in a math sentence?

An array of numbers is used in mathematical problems.

Is 4 plus 3 equals 7 a mathematical sentence?

I don't know what a 'mathematical' sentence is. I'd prefer to call it an English sentence that describes a mathematical process and makes a statement concerning mathematical matters.

How can you use the word mathematical in sentence?

The mathematical formula required memorization.I was more mechanical than mathematical.My teacher was a mathematical genius.

What is the definition of mathematical sentence?

It's a number sentence:)

What is a mathmatical sentence called?

A mathematical sentence is an equation.

Is 5g9 a mathematical sentence?

No, it is not a sentence, it is just an expression.

What is the difference between a mathematical sentence and a mathematical phrase?

well a mathematical phrase has different answers then a sentence and a mathimatical phrase does not include sentence and Vice Versa :) Glad i could be a help!!

How do you use with this in mind in a sentence?

With this in mind, how would you solve the mathematical formula? What do you think of his decision, with this in mind?

How do you use 'fascinated' in a sentence?

Georgie was fascinated by her friend's ability to do complex mathematical calculations in her head.

What is a non mathematical sentences?

"My username is mehtamatics." is a non-mathematical sentence.

A mathematical sentence that compares expressions that are equal is a?

A(n) _____ is a mathematical sentence that compares expressions that are equal.

What is a mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign?

A mathematical sentence that contains an equals sign would be called an equation.

A solution set is all the numbers that make a mathematical sentence is called a what?

A solution set makes a mathematical sentence TRUE.

How would you use stalwart in a sentence?

She became as stalwart on the basketball court as she was quick at solving mathematical puzzles.

What is a mathematical sentence that compares quantities?

An inequality

How do you use the word recheck in a sentence?

Recheck your figures in case you made a mathematical error. The scientist will recheck the results.

How do you use constant speed in sentence?

A lot of mathematical problems about travelling distances, assume that you are travelling at a constant speed.

What is a sentence that has the term Number sentence?

A number sentence is a mathematical equation, such as 2x6+5x4=32.

A sentence that uses mathematical symbols instead of words?

A mathematical equation uses numbers instead of words. And like a sentence they have proper structure and rules.

How do you use improved in sentence?

The teacher had improved his methods of teaching so the students could understand his mathematical equations better.

How do you use pi and pie in one sentence?

One can consider that the mathematical constant of pi is visible in a simple, round pie.