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To find the area of an objet, which is measured in square units, multiply the length times width.

For example, if the object is 9 meters long and 3 meters wide, the area is 27 square meters.

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Q: How do you work out square meters?
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How do you work out square meters into meters?

If and only if you are working with a square, you get the square root of the number

How do you work out the square meter of a swimming pool?

Its length in meters times its width in meters is its square area in meters.

Show how to work out square meters?

Square meters of what? If you want the area in square meters of a rectangle, just multiply the length times the width (both in meters). To get square meters of other figures, other formulae are required.

How do you work out how many square meters are in a room?

look at the square and count

How do you work out a square meter of a km?

That is like asking how many yards in a gallon. There are no square meters in a meter, and no meters in a square meter.

How many square meters are in 12 feet?

To work out square meters you need two dimension not just one length.

How do you work out square meters of a paddock with four different measurements?

measure in square meters, a paddock with four different sides

One square millimeter is how many meters?

Doesn't work. Meters is distance only, square millimeter is a unit for area. They don't compare.

How do you work out square meters in a roof 5 meters x 5.5 meters roof is 1.5 meters high from block work?

If it's square meters, you are only concerned with area, yes? In this case if it's a flat roof, it will be 5mx5.5m, (no leeway outside of the walls). 5x5.5 is 27.5m2.

How do you work out how many squared meters a ton of sand will cover?

one ton of sand covers about 100 square feet which is about 9.3 square meters.

What is 14 square feet in square meters?

About 1.3 square meters. (1.30064256 square meters).

What is the formula for square meters?

meters times meters = square meters

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