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One half is 50 out of 100 so it is 50 percent.

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1/2 as a percentage is 50%

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Q: How do you write one-half as a percentage?
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What is onehalf of a quart and what is the answer from onehalf to pints?

One half of a quart is one pint.

Which is the area of this triangle?

The formula for the area of a triangle is: onehalf(b)(h) b:base and h:height For example: A triangle is 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. What is the area of the triangle? Answer: onehalf(b)(h) onehalf(3)(4) onehalf(12) 6 So, the area of this particular triangle is 6 inches squared.

How do you answer 175 divided by onehalf?


What is three eights divided bye onehalf?


Sixtytwo and onehalf percent of what number is onehundredtwenty?

120 is 62.5% of 192

What is half of two and three fifths?

half of two equals onehalf of two + three fifths = 1 3/5 = 1.6

How do you write 6100 as a percentage?

How do you write 6 over 100 as a percentage

What percentage of the population can read and write in china?

what is the percentage of people that read and write in china

How do you write 0.987 as a percentage?

To write 0.987 as a percentage, multiply it by 100 which equals 98.7%

How many mls equals one and onehalf teaspoons?

1.5 tablespoons of water is 22.5 mls.

What part of earth is covered in water onefourth onehalf or threefourths?

Three-fourths, or 3/4.

How do you write 0.18 as a percentage?

To write 0.18 as a percentage, multiply it by 100. Therefore, 0.18 as a percentage is 18%.