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Q: How long it take a 12-16 to answer a math question?
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How long does it take for a math question to get answered?

There is no way to have an exact answer. The time it takes to answer a math question depends on the person who answers it and the type of questions. Some math problems can take less than a minute to an hour.

What is 25 percent of 1216?

0.25 x 1216 Or if you want to use number sense then you could take a fourth of it. 1216 divided by 4=304

Could someone help me with math questions?

Yes, just type your math question like you typed this question. Make each math problem a separate question. People answer when they spot your question but this can take a while....

How long will it take to go to Paris by boat from denver co?

The answer is: MATH

How long does it take to answer a question on this page?

Depends on the question.

In math what are counters?

Counters are for doing math. You use them to count. Pretend you have a math question like this: 10 - 5 = . So you get 10 counters and take away 5 and see how many you get.

What is the answer to the why did orgo take his girlfriend to the cornfield math question?

He was stalking her. He wanted to kiss behind the ears.

How long does the answer take?

It depends on the question

How many points do you take off of a 48 question math sheet?

It is not clear why anyone should take any points off.

How long does it take to travel 111 miles by car?

I sure dont know I hate math i think its 88 p.s. I HATE MATH

How long does it take to be an architecht?

It depends what you will be designing but you have to study math and art and get a college degree in them

Is it true that you need to major math to become a math teacher in NYC schools?

Yes and No. You must take all the credits that a math major has to take if you want to teach High School, but you don't have to have a B.A. in math. Instead, get a degree in education and take the required math classes. The difference is that a Bachelor's in math requires other elective courses that you won't have to take as an education major, such as language classes and other lib-ed requirements Well, I ask this question because some of my friends said that I should major in "Education with math concentration" rather "Math" major.