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4 of them

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Q: How many 2-foot-long boards can she cut from the 9-foot-long board?
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When a board is 1 x 8 and its how many boards do I use to cover 640 square feet?

80 boards.

How many fifths of a bulletin board are there in 3 bulletin boards?


Where you can buy a xilinx fpga board in India?

There are many boards available in India, check for Xilinx development boards and digilent's. I have a papilio one board that costs rs 3000 which is great for beginners. I have also bought a couple of add-on board for this board.

How many 16 inches boards can be made from a 12 foot board?


How do you get the blue and yellow board on Fantage com?

What is the board look like because there are many boards yellow and blue on fantage.

How many 10 foot boards do you need to get 800 linear feet?

800 feet / 10 foot per board = 80 boards

Where can one purchase a Tack board?

There are many websites that sell tack boards online. Amazon sells hundreds of these boards on their website. Most of these boards are eligible for free shipping on Amazon.

How many textbook boards are there in Pakistan and what are their names?

four text book boards in Pakistan 1: Punjab text book board 2: sindh text book board 3: balochistan text book board 4: khybar pakhtoon khah text book board

How many 4' by 8' boards needed for a 400 square foot?

Each board has area of (4 x 8) = 32 square feet.Number of boards = (400 / 32) = 12.5 boards

Is 14 on the factor game board?

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How many 12 feet board make 528 feet?

528/12 = 44 boards

How many boards for a 6 foot square 8 foot boards 6 inches wide no board shorter than 3 feet how many boards?

if you are talking of a 3'x3' area & your boards are a full 6" wide you will need 6 boards @ 3' long and if you are talking a square- 6' ft on each side (36 sqft) you will need 9-8'x6" boards or 24-3'x6" boards or any combination that adds up to 36 sqft. 1-3'x6" board =1 1/2sqft and 1-8'x6" board =4sqft and as the old saying goes "longer is better"