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The concept is confusing but the math is pretty simple...

  • Tiles are sold by the square foot not by the tile..
  • Measure the room & round up to the next foot, ie.. 11' 6" just write it down as 12'
  • If the room has offsets or halls, just remember to treat it like another room & do the length X width of each area. Then add them all up.
  • Box will tell you how many sq feet is in a box, so you are paying by the foot, but buying by the box........
  • Each 16X16 tile is 1.778 sq feet
  • 16X16 tile will likely be packaged in a box with 9-11 pieces per box..
  • Usually about 14- 18 sq feet per box depending on the makers preferences...
  • By way of example if your room is 12X12 that's 144 sq feet,
  • Divide the sq feet by how many sq feet in the box & you know how many boxes..
  • Add about 7-10% to make sure you have enough....
  • THE FORMULA IS : area divided by sq ft per tile ie 225 sq feet of 18X18 tiles would take 10 tiles....
  • 12X12 is DUH 1 sq foot
  • 13X13 is 1.174
  • 18X18 tiles are 2.25 sq ft per tile
  • 20"x20" tiles are 2.778 per tile
  • 24X24 tiles are 4 sq ft per tile

Soooo once you know the sq feet you need, add a little for waste & breakage & ooops cuts & you will have enough..

The fact that a good tile setter starts in the middle of the room & works out also means you may have a fair bit of cutting one all the walls but a centered look is much better and likely allows you to use the pieces up.

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تضتع الصفرين علي جمب ثم تضرب 2 في 2 يساوي كام ثم تضع الصفرين و الناتج يساوي 400

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Q: How many 20x20 square inch tiles dose it take to cover 56 square feet?
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