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28 basketballs

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Q: How many basketballs did the store donate if the ratio of basketballs to soccer balls is 7 6. The store donates 24 soccer balls?
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What did they use to make basketballs in the olden days?

Basketballs in the olden days were made of leather but then again they used soccer balls too!

Does a soccer ball bounce higher then a basketball?

Soccer balls. It would depend how high they came down from. As soccer balls are kicked high into the air, they probably bounce higher than basketballs which are just thrown.

Which brand of basketballs bounce higher Wilson basketballs or spalding basketballs?

the answer is SPALDING BALLS

What are basketballs?

Basketballs. are round balls that are used to play on a court

What was the first basketball made of?

The first basketballs were made from panels of leather stitched together with a rubber bladder inside. The very first basketballs used were actually just soccer balls.

Why are there metal balls inside basketballs?

There aren't.

Where can you find cheap basketballs and soccer balls?

A great place to get good quality but cheap sports equipment is at Canadian Tire. Walmart other large department stores also have some cheap soccer balls and other items.

What is cow hide used for?

Clothing, footballs, baseballs, soccer balls and basketballs for sports, shoes, purses, wallets, saddles and tack, etc.

How many basketballs can you get from a cow?

7 b-balls

How many types of balls are there'?

Well young grasshopper, there are many types of balls in this world. Now I don't know how old you are.......but there are eyeballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, basketballs, golf balls, squash balls, ands my personal favourite testies. So approx. 3 1/2

What to do when someone says you dont have balls?

Chuck two basketballs at their head.

What is the root word in basketballs?

balls basket describes what type of ball it is

What are soccer balls made out of?

Soccer balls are made out of rubber

What are soccer balls made of?

Soccer balls are made out of rubber

How can someone donate soccer balls to charity?

There are a couple of options for donating a soccer ball to charity. Either a donation can be made to an organization that provides balls and uniforms to people in a developing country or a ball can be sent to a charity that ships them to the developing countries.

What is the collective noun for a lot of soccer balls?

There is no specific collective noun for soccer balls, in which case a noun suitable for the situation is used; for example a sack of soccer balls, a bin of soccer balls, a rack of soccer balls, etc.

Is there a difference between mens soccer balls and womens soccer balls?


What basketball copany makes the best balls?

spalding. I have two spalding basketballs

What the shtballs?

there are many times of ballsthere are meatballs in spaghetti, there are bouncy balls, basketballs, footballs, squash balls, tennis balls e.t.c in sport, male balls e.t.c

Why are basketballs made of rubber and leather?

Basketballs are made using leather, composite leather or rubber as the covering. Rubber balls may be all rubber and can be used in water indoors and out. Leather and composite leather basketballs are indoor balls and more expensive. The leather balls give better grip are more uniform and retain their shape better than rubber.

What things are a shape of a sphere?

Basketballs, Baseballs, Golf balls, some bouncy balls, a Globe, and things that carry that same shape. :)

What did soccer balls use to be made out of?

Soccer balls were made out of pig bladders back then.

Do helium soccer balls give more exercise than normal soccer balls?


How many soccer balls in the world?

there are over 10,000,000 soccer balls in the entire world

. After school began Mrs. Weeks realized that she needed more basketballs and footballs. If she spent 135.00 on basketballs and 48.00 on footballs how many more balls did she purchase?