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The answer ultimately depends on the type of toilet.

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1.5 galleons average im not certain

about cubic metres

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Q: How many cubic meters of water in each toilet flush?
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How much water does a low flush toilet save a month?

If the toilet works each time on one flush, they use roughly half the water of a standard toilet. You would then use half as much a month on the toilet. They do not always flush completely on the first flush and the toilet is only a part of the water bill.

What is water cistern?

A water cistern is the part of a toilet that holds water which is then used to flush the toilet.

Name of the tank that holds water used to flush toilet?

Toilet tank

Does flushing a toilet not use water?

Each flush of a toilet uses the same amount of water.

When you flush the toilet it does not flush fully?

hi im on city water and toilet isn't plugged but it doesn't flush all the way like there is not enough pressure

Amount of water used to flush toilet?

You use anywhere from 1 cup of water to 5 cups of water to flush the toilet. This is per time you flush the toilet.

How many liters is used to flush a school toilet in Singapore?

approximately 1-2 litres of water is needed to flush a toilet.

What is 1353 gallons of water in cubic meters?

1,353 (US) gallons of water in cubic meters is: 5.122 m31,353 (UK) gallons of water in cubic meters is: 6.151 m3

How many liters of water in 3902 cubic meters of water?

There are 3,902,000 liters of water in 3,902 cubic meters.

Why cant you flush the toilet?

because the water is turn off

How many cubic meters in 456.8 L of water?

456.8L of water equals 0.4568 cubic meters.

What is the mass of 2 cubic meters of water?

The density of water in kilograms perm cubic meters at 25°C is 997.0479 so the mass of two cubic meters of water is 1994.100 kg