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Assuming that the warehouse is a cuboid with flat walls and that the storage shelves also need to be heated, then:

3 ft = 1 yd

volume = 200 ft × 400 ft × 20 ft

= (200 ÷ 3) yd × (400 ÷ 3) yd × (20 ÷ 3) yd

= 1600000/27 cu yd

= 59,259 7/27 cu yd

≈ 59,259 cu yards

(at that size, the fraction is immaterial; it is also reasonable to round to the nearest 10 cu yd to give approx 59,260 cu yd.)

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Approx 59259 cubic yards.

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Q: How many cubic yards need to be heated in a warehouse that measures 200 feet by 400 feet with ceilings that are 20 feet high?
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