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According to the U.S.G.S. the average size of water droplet from a bathroom or kitchen faucet is about 1/4 of a milliliter (or CC), or 4,000 drops per liter; and about 0.0169 fl oz or 15,140 drops per gallon.

Some science measurements from droppers measure a drop much smaller, at 1/20th of a CC per drop, making the number of drops per gallon much higher.

20 drops/CC X 30 CC/fl oz X 128 fl oz/Gal = 76800drops/gal

In the end, it depends on the size of the drop as to how many drops there are in a gallon. For household leaks, 3-4 drops/CC is much more likely than 20-24 drops/CC that is often cited for scientific purposes.

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Q: How many drops of water are in a gallon?
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Who many drop of water are there in one gallon of water?

60620 drops of water since 10 oz glass resist 4736 drops 1 gallon resist 12.8 galon of 10 oz glasses of water so no of drops of water in a gallon = 4736* 12.8 = 60620.8 drops

How many drops of bleach to purify a gallon of water?


How many water drops in a gallon?

Depends on the size of each drop.

How many drops in one gallon?

1 gallon (US) is about 75,708 drops.

How many drops in a gallon?

One US gallon equates to 75,708 drops.

How many gallons in a drop of water?

I take it you mean "how many drops of water in a gallon"? :)) +== Then define the volume of a "drop"! :-)

How many drops of oil in one gallon?

1 gallon (US) is about 75,708 (75708.23568) drops.

How many drops of gasoline in one gallon?

1 gallon (US) is approximately 75,708 drops.

How many drops of gas in a gallon?


How many drops of water in one gallon?

Facts:120 drops = 5mL1 gallon = 3785 mL* 90840 Drops in 1 GallonIf a faucet dripped once a second how many gallons of water would it waste?It would waste 347 Gallons of water a year!Facts:1 year ~ 31,536,000 seconds24 drops in 1 mL1 gallon/3785 mL X (1 mL/24 drops) X (1 drop/ 1 s) X (31,536,000 s/ 1 year) = 347.1598415 gallons / year

Can bleach be used to purify water?

Yes, 10 drops of bleach per gallon of water

1 million drops of water equals what volume?

Answer about 13 gallons depending on your assumptions of how many drops per gallon.Several methods to figure this out:1 million drops of water is 1666.667 fluid oz. There are 600 drops per fluid oz and 1,000,000 divided by 600 is 1666.667(last digit is rounded)1666.667 oz if about 13 U.S. gallons or if you prefer metric it is49.289 litersMethod 290840 Drops in 1 Gallon ( but that value depends on water temp and other factors)90840 Drops/1 gallon=1,000,000 drops/x gallons90840x=1,000,000x=11.0084 gallonsSo this method gives 11 gallons and if we want to know how many cubic inches that we note that:1 gallon of water is 231 cubic inches. So 11.0084x231=2542 cubic inches.______I found another professor give this example: drops of water = 1 milliliter and: 10,000 drops = 1 Liter then: 1,000,000 drops = 100 Liters and my reference quoted that: 1 Gallon = 3.5 Liters, so 1,000,000 drops of water = 28.5714 gallonsMethod 3The example above 10 drops per ml, and of course you can easily imagine that the size of a drop of water will not be uniform. It depends on temperature and the dropper and many other factors.Most people use 15-20 gtts( drops) per ml, usually 20.So the slightly larger value in this result comes from the fact that the drops are much bigger, 10 per ml instead of 20. Divide 28.574 by 2 and the you have 14.2 gallons. Also 1 US gallon = 3.78541178 liters so using 3.5 is a low estimate.So here is the same calculation as above using different assumptions. The example below uses 3.785 liters per gallon and 20 drops per ml.20 drops of water= 1 milliliter20,000 drops = 1 liter1 gallon is 3.785,000 drops/1 liter)(3.785 liter/1 gallon)=75,700 drops/gallon(compare this to 90840 used in the first part above)75,700 drops/gallon=1,000,000 drops/X gallons.Solve for x75,700X=1,000,000and the answer is 100, 000 drops is 13.21 gallons

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