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Only one.

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Q: How many faces does a trapezium have?
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How many faces does a trapezeum prism have?

A trapezium prism has 6 faces

How many faces does a trapezium prism have?


How many edges and faces have a trapezium prism have?

Twelve edges and six faces,

How many 2D faces are on a trapezium prism?

Same as on a cube: six.

How many faces vertices and edges does a Trapezium prism have?

faces: 6 edges: 12 vertices: 8

How many Edges and vertices and Faces does a trapezium prism?

The same numbers as for a cuboid. Edges = 12 Vertices= 8 Faces = 6

How many vertices edges faces does a trapezium?

A trapezium has 4 vertices and 4 edges or sides. It is a two dimensional figure so it has only one "face".

You have four triangular faces you have four vertices what is the name of your solid?

Trapezium, or triangular pyramid * * * * * A triangular pyramid, yes. But not a trapezium since that does not have four triangular faces.

How many faces edges vertices does a trapezoid?

A trapezium has 1 face, 4 edges and 4 vertices.

What shape has 6 faces and the sides are the same length?


What is a polyhedron with exacly one pair of parallel faces?


How many parallel sides has a trapezium?

How many parallel sides has a trapezium?