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30 numbers

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Q: How many numbers up to 60 can be divided by exactly 2?
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If 12 divided by 60 equals 5 hen What is the remainder?

If you mean 60 divided by 12 then it is exactly 5 with no remainder.

What divided by what equals 60?

It could be many different combinations of numbers:120 / 2 = 60600 / 10 = 60180 / 3 = 60

How many prime numbers between eight and 60 leave a remainder of two when divided by 6?


How many hours are in 186 minutes?

186/60=3.1 186min divided by how many minutes in an hour (60) gives you 3.1 hours

What are the prime numbers up to 60 with remainder of three and they are divided by 7?

no prime numbers except for 7 can be divided by 7 that the point of prime numbers, they cant be divided by anything but them self and one.

How many times can 60 go into 2700?

this is simple division as both numbers can be divided by 10 to simplify this math problem. 2700 divided by 60 is the same as 270 divided by 6. Long division or short division and then you get 45.

What number divided by 5 equals 12?

This is very easy to work out if you have a good head for numbers or a calculator. Just multiply the two numbers. 5 times 12 equals 60. Therefor 60 divided by 5 equals 12.

How many millimeters in 60 mm?

Exactly 60 .

How do you simplify sixty divided by thirty?

of course you can 30 can go into 60 exactly 1 time

How many dozens in 720?

here are exactly 60 dozens in 720!

Write down four pairs of numbers with a quotient of 12?

Write down four pairs of numbers with a quotient of 12.1.) 12 divided by 12.) 24 divided by 23.) 60 divided by 54.) 36 divided by 3

What is 60 over 90 simplified?

2/3 (two thirds) Method; Start with 60 / 90, Both numbers can be divided by ten. So do so and you get 6 / 9, Both of these numbers can be divided by 3. So do that and you get 2/3.