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As many solutions as there are points in the domain.

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Q: How many solutions does an equation have when you isolate the variable and it equals constant?
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How many solutions does an equation have when you isolate the variable and it equals a constant?

it depends. if (for example) y=x2 then there are an infinite amount of answers. if there is an equation like: If (variable X)= (variable Y) + 5 and if X=5, what is Y? then there is only one answer. check an algebra book, it can give you a more detailed answer.

What is an equation with one or two variables?

When you solve a one-variable equation, your goal is to isolate the variable.To isolate the variable means to make it be alone on one side of the equals sign.In the equation shown here, you can isolate the variable by subtracting 9 from both sides of the equation and simplifying

Why do you isolate the variable on one side the the equation when solving a linear equation?

Isolating a single variable in terms of the rest of the equation provides a solution to that variable. That is, if you know the equation that equals the variable, then you can figure out its value.

What is to isolate a variable on one side of an equation?

segregation or apartheid

How do you determine constant or variable?

By using algebra. You have to isolate the variable and use the constants to find the varaible.

For systems in which there is no linear equation you can isolate and substitute a variable that is what in both equations?


Which operations would isolate the variable in this equation 3y - 12 14?


In general when solving a radical equation should you first isolate the radical and then both sides?

It often helps to isolate the radical, and then square both sides. Beware of extraneous solutions - the new equation may have solutions that are not part of the solutions of the original equation, so you definitely need to check any purported solutions with the original equation.

Why do you isolate variables for math?

You isolate variables in math because the point of an equation is to solve for the variables. By isolating the variables you have learned what that variable stands for and thus solved the equation.

Which operation would isolate the variable in this equation 51q equals 1020?

divide by 51

To use inverse operations on both sides of an equation until the variable appears by itself on one side?

Isolate the variable

What is the definition of isolate the variable?

In algebra, its to move the pieces of the equation around so that the variable is isolated to only one side of the sign