How many square foot do s 11x13?

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11ft x 13 ft = 143 square feet

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11 x 13 = 143

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Q: How many square foot do s 11x13?
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How much does a 2000 square foot house weigh?

16-22#s a square foot

144 you in a S F?

144 inches in a square foot

What is the cost per square foot for a 1000 square foot house that costs 5500000?

1000 square foot cost 5 500 000. Every single square foot must cost 1 part in 1000 of those 5,5 million. So you get this (Let´s call - very originally - the cost for 1 square foot "X") X = 5500000 / 1000 = 5000 cost per square foot = 5000

How many square yards in 187 square foot?

Hint if you are a student trying to do your homework: One square yard is 9 square feet, so what should you do to see how many 9's are in 187 square feet. Students do do peek below The answer is 187/9 = 20.7777

What is the cost per s?

Cost per square foot. Either material or labor or both.

BTU in per one square foot of natural gas?

BTU`s are measured in cubic feet

How many calories in a roll and square sausage?

how many calories in s square sausage and roll

How many inches are in one foot?

One foot = 12 inches1 foot is 12 inches.1 foot is 12 inches12 inches12 inches12 inches on a rulerone ruler is one foot12 feet in one footsimple math.:Pone foot = 12 inches12"s equal 1 foot. 144 sq "s equal 1 square footHad to do this the other day to measure for carpets - 12inches to 1 foot!12 inches

150 square yards how many square feet' s?

150 square yards are 1350 square feet.

How do I Convert 1699 ft to square meters?

1699 Square Feet = 157.84226496 Square Metre(s)foot [ft]12 in0.3048 mtry this website conversion tables

How many square feets are in a 810 s qr meters?

8,718.77 square feet.

How many square miles is Texas s?

Texas has an area of 268600 square miles.

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