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There is no limit to the number of triangles. At any time, you can select a triangle; select one of its vertices and draw a line from that vertex to the opposite side. That gives one more non-overlapping triangle. And you can keep on doing that indefinitely.

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Q: How many triangles can fit inside of the polygon without overlapping?
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How many triangles do you get with a 5-sided polygon?

There are 3 triangles inside a 5 sided pentagon polygon

What is a shape with 20 triangles?

There are 20 triangles inside a 22 sided polygon

What kind of polygon can hold two triangles inside of it?


How many triangles can be made inside a 63 sided polygon?

There are: 63-2 = 61 triangles

True or false the region inside a polygon can be tilted by triangles?


What is the total interior angle of a regular polygon if 20 triangles can be drawn inside the polygon?

20 triangles will fit into a 22 sided polygon whose interior angles add up to 3600 degrees

Can the region inside a polygon be tiled by triangles?

yes, I just don't know why, but they can

How many triangles are in an 11 sided polygon?

Any n-sided regular polygon, by joining a single vertex up to each of the others, will have a total of (n - 2) triangles inside. In this case, an 11-sided polygon will contain 11 - 2 = 9 triangles.

How many triangles does a 1002 sided polygon have?

Any n-sided polygon (n being any integer) will always have a minimum of n-2 triangles inside the shape, assuming that the polygon is regular with no reflex angles.

The sum of all angles inside a polygon?

there r 800 vetices in three triangles

What is the classifying of polygon?

There are a number of different, and sometimes overlapping, classifications. Polygons may be convex or concave. In a convex polygon, any two points inside the polygon are joined by a straight line that is wholly inside the polygon. In a concave polygon there are at least two points such that the line joining them intersects its boundary. Polygons can by equilateral (all sides of equal length), or equiangular (all angles of equal measure) or regular (all sides equal AND all angles equal). Note that in general (unlike for triangles) equilateral and equiangular are not the same. Polygons can be classified according to the number of sides/angles.

What is the total interior angle of aregular polygon if t equals 20 triangles can be drawn inside the polygon?

The total angles will be 3600 degrees, because each triangle will have 180 degrees total.