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1 tricycle = 3 wheels so 6 tricycles = 6*3 = 18 wheels.

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Q: How many wheels do 6 tricycles have?
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How many wheels will two tricycles have between them?

Each tricycle has three wheels, and there are two tricycles. So: 2 tricycles x 3 wheels = 6 wheels

How many wheels are in 6 tricycles?

one tricycle has 3 cycles, so 6 tricycles should have (6x3) 18 wheels

How many wheels on two tricycles?

There are Three wheels on each tricycle. So therefore 3+3=6. 6 wheels.

What is the the answer to there are 10 clowns at the school fair some are bicycles and the rest are tricycles if there are 24 wheels in all how many bicycles and tricycles are there?

4 are on tricycles and 6 are on bicycles

How Many wheels on 3 tricycles?

Each tricycle has 3 wheels, so on 3 tricycles there are a total of 9 wheels.

How many wheels will three tricycles have?

9 wheels

How many wheels does 100 tricles have?

0. but 100 tricycles have 300 wheels.

When Earl counted the bicycles and tricycles that were at the store there were 19 When he counted wheels there were 45 How many tricycles were there?


How many wheels does a tricycles?

3 2 on the back and one on the front

How many wheels will be on 9 tricyles?

Tricycles have 3 wheels each. So 9 of them with 3 Wheels 9 x 3=27

27 riders on bicycles and tricycles went by your house you counted 62 wheels in all how many bicycles were there?

if it were 1 rider per bike then 19( 8 tricycles )

What is the ratio of seats to wheels a group of tricycles?