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A zillion is actually an undetermined number as defined by scientists around the world. They are trying to identify how many there are now, but many people recognize a "zillion" as an extremely large number (so large, it will be rarely used) or just an expression for a very large number.

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Q: How many zeros does a zillion have?
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How many zeros in zillion?

a zillion minus one

How many zeros in a zillion?


How many zeros are in a zillion?

A gazillion. log base 10 of a zillion.

How many zeros are ther in a zillion?


How Many Zeros Are There in a Zillion?

1000 trillion

How many zeros does xilli-yilli-zillion have?


How many zeros are in a gazillion?

A gazillion is a fictitious number, as are a Zillion, and Jillion.

How many zeros has a zillion?

15 ------------------ Zillion has not a well-defined and generally accepted mathematical meaning; the sense is a very great number.

Does the number a zillion exist?

a zillion exists. it has fifteen zeros. 1,000,000,000,000,000 edit: No it does not. The number suggested above is actually 1 Quadrillion.

What number has forty two zeros after it?

The answer is kazillion. Most of the time it is thought that a zillion is the answer.

How many zero's in a zillion?

You cannot know the amount of zero's in a zillion because a zillion is an undetermined number. People only use it to describe large numbers... just like infinity. You can get more information if you type in the question "How many zeros dooes a zillion have?" It's probably the same as your question, but it has more information than I am able to provide. Hope this helps.

How many millions in a zillion?

there is no such thing a a zillion its made up

How many 0's in a zillion?

A zillion is an undetermined number.

How many 0 are in a zillion?

None. A zillion is not a real number.

How many dollars in a zillion dollars?

A "zillion" isn't a number.

How many zeros are in a cajillion?

Cajillion is not an actual number that can be quantified. It is just a word meaning a very large amount, like gazillion, zillion, bazillion, etc.

How many 0's are in a zillion?

None. A zillion is not a real number.

How do you write a zillion?

There is no such thing as the number "zillion". It is used only in slang term, as meaning "many". There is no definite number for zillion, because technically there isn't a 'zillion'.

How many numbers are in a zillion?

A zillion is a fictitious name for an arbitrarily large number.

How much 0s are in a zillion?

The value of a zillion has not been quantified. You can decide how many.

How many zeros are in a kajillion?

37.5 zeros. Since it is a made up name for a number, it can have as many zeros as you like.

How many zeros in a zillon?

100000000000000000000000000000 there you go. A zillion has an unspecified number of zeros: A zillion does not exist as a real number, but is used by writers (especially of fiction) to represent an extremely large number in a more humorous way than saying just "infinite". It can also be used to exaggerate fairly small large numbers, like million or billions, when the context suggests that the number cannot be taken seriously.

How many digits in a zillion?

Does a 'zillion' really exist? I thought it was just an expression, like 'umpteen'.

What is a 100 zillion sided shape called?

Zillion is a nonsense word that implies many. It is not a number.

How many zeroes hundred zillion?

One zillion is equal to 1x10^bjillion. Therefore, there are a bjillion and two zeroes in the number one hundred zillion.

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