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Since there is no overall target given, it is not possible to answer the question precisely. However, x% in the final exam will give an overall percentage of

0.65*x + 28.75 percent.

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Q: How much percent do you need to get in your final exam which is worth 65 percent if you received 100 percent for an assignment worth 10 percent and 75 percent for an assignment worth 25 percent?
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You got 92 on 1st assignment and 91 on the 2nd each of them is worth 25 percent of the final mark the last assignment is worthed 50 percent what mark should you get if you hope 60 percent average?


I have a 96 as my grade I have a assignment that is worth 10 percent of my grade and I did a 0 on it now what is my grade?

I am sorry i con not find the answer.

If you have an overall mark of 67 percent your final exam is worth 40 percent What mark do you have to get on your final exam to come out of the class with a 70 percent as your mark?

You need at least a 75% on your exam.

Are teachers allowed to make an assignment worth 67 percent of your grade?

Yes. It's not necessary good practice, of course.

Tommy has have a 61 percent in his class if the the final is worth 10 percent of his grade what does he need to get to pass the class?

At least an a

If your grade in a class is a 60 and your final exam is worth 30 percent what would you have to score on the final to get a 70 or better in the class?


If you have a 55 going into and exam worth 20 percent and you get 50 percent what will your final mark be?

80 percent (4 parts out of 5) of your final grade consists of the 55. 20 percent (1 part out of 5) of your final grade consists of the 50. The final grade is (1/5 of) (55 + 55 + 55 + 55 + 50) = (1/5 of) (270) = 54 percent

If you have 72 percent and the final exam is worth 30 percent how much do you have to get to pass the class on the exam?

The answer depends on the percentage required for a pass. This is not a fixed value.

My final exam is worth 25 of my final average in the class my average in the class right now is an 84 but its not with the 75 i got on my final How do i average it all together?

Since the final is only worth 25 percent of your grade, you would add your class average of 84 three times. Then take that total of 252 and add it to your exam grade of 75 for a total of 327. Divide this number by 4 to get your final average of 81.75 percent.

If I have a 77 percent in class and normal tests are worth 50 percent of your grade the final exam is 20 percent What grade will I need to get on the final and normal exam to get an 87 in the class?

you would need anything higher than an 87 because its an average and if you get lower there is no way it can get to a 87.

What would your overall grade be if you got an 80 percent a 90 percent and a 80 percent?

If all three tests are worth the same amount of the final grade,then your average is 83.3 percent.We hope it's not in Math.

If you have 72 percent in a class how much do you have to get on the exam if it's worth 30 percent?

To get a final grade of 72, you need a 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 75, you need an 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 80, you need a 99 on the exam. If you get 100 on the exam, your final grade will be a little over 80.