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Q: How would you write 750 divided by 14 in simplest fraction form when m and n are integers?
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Is 26 divided by 36 in simplest fraction form?


Can you have fraction in integers?

No. They would then be mixed numbers, not integers.

0.40 as a decimal and fraction ansd its simplest for?

it is 2/5 because 100 divided by 40 = 2.5 and so 2 divided by 5 is 0.4 or 0.40 so the fraction would be 2/5.

What is 0.33 as a fraction in simplest form?

0.33's fraction in it's simplest form would be 33 over 100

Why is the sum of a fraction and a whole number not a whole number?

Look at it the other way - by reverting the operation. The reason it is not a whole number is because if it where, then the subtraction of two integers would be a fraction! If a + b = c (a is a non-integer fraction, b and c are integers), then c - b = a. You would have a fraction as a result of subtracting two integers. However, adding or subtracting two integers always gives you an integer.

What is a 0.250 as a fraction?

As a fraction in its simplest form - it would be 1/4

What fraction is 155 of 775?

The fraction would be 155/775. This fraction in simplest form would be 1/5.

What is 3.49 simplest fraction?

It's simplest fraction form would be 349 over 1000 or 349/1000.

If two integers have a sum of 16 and the difference between the integers and 8 and negative 8 then what are the two integers?

if you were to do it as a fraction the two integers would be 1 and a half. your welcome:] !!!

What is 8 divided by nine in a fraction?

8/9 that would be the fraction

What is simplest form of fraction?

When a fraction cant be divided anymore example: the fraction 6/12 Can still be divided look watch 6/12 can be divided be 3 or 2 if u divide by 2 u will make it harder for urself so u have to divide by 3 if u want...wich would give u 1/2 so 1/2 would be ur final answer. :)

What is the simplest form of fraction of 0.376?

The simplest form would be 47/125