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They would be 2.10

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Q: If 100 pencils and Acirc and pound7.00 what would 30 pencils be?
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Is a pencil case with 4 pencils a gram or kg?

A pencil case with 4 pencils is measured in grams, not kilograms. The weight of 4 pencils is typically negligible and would likely be less than 100 grams.

How do you work out this question There are 56 pencils in a box when full the box has 100 pencils how many pencils are needed to fill the box?


A pencil weighs about 5 grams how many pencils would 1 kilogram box contain?


What is the world record for most pencils collected?


How many pencils will be in each package if the greatest number of identical packages are made from 72 pencils and 24 calculators?

3 pencils to each calculator

Did children use pencils 100 years ago to write?


Are pencils made in China?

I think that pencils are are made in China. I am not 100 percent sure because I am not a person that is born in China. Sorry that I don't have your answer.

Harvey needs to purchase 6 pencils for the Math Club meeting They are sold at Whipple's store at 5 for 1.00 What would Harvey pay for 6 pencils?

The total cost would be $1.20 because if you divide 100 by 5 you get 20. So the cost of one pencil is 20.

How many pencils are made each year?

ABOUT 100,000,000 (one hundred million) pencils are made in the united states every year. would you like to find out how many pencils are made per second? use a calculator. divide the number by 365 and divide that number by 24, then divide that by 60, and then divide it by sixty again. that number will be the estimated number of pencils per minute. the answer could be a fraction, because I don't know I've never done it. Acually if you do that equation I believe it gives you the number of pencils made every second.

If a pencil is nineteen centimeters Long how many pencils will it take to make a meter?

there are 100 cetimeters in a meter so if the pencil is 20 centimeter long it would take 5 pencils to make a meter now as far as concern with the 19 centimeters of pencil i will say the question is not asked in a right way.

How many miles can you write with 100000000 pencils?

One site on the internet suggests that the average pencil could draw a line 35 miles long. If that is true, then 100 million pencils could draw a line 3.5 billion miles long.

How many 7.5 inch pencils can fit around the earth?

Good question!The earth is 6378 kilometers in radius and we want circumference.Circumference = 2*pi*rCircumference = 2*pi(6378 km)= 40,074.16 km (1000 m/1 km)(100 cm/1 m)(1 inch/2.54 centimeters)= 1.58 X 109 inches/7.5 inch pencils= 2.11 X 108 pencils fitting around earth============================(that's 211 million pencils! )