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Q: If There are 250 toothpicks in a regular-size box a jumbo -size is made by tripling the lenghtwidthand height of the regular box how many toothpicks will the jumbo box hold?
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Is a dectagon a regular or not regular?

it is regular

Is a triangle regular or not regular?

a triangle is not regular

How do you say regular in spanish?

regular = regular

what is the mathematical term for a cube?

A regular hexahedron.A regular hexahedron.A regular hexahedron.A regular hexahedron.

What is the superlative for regular?

"Regular" doesn't have a comparative and superlative form. Instead, you would say "more regular" or "most regular."

What is the definition of a regular pyramid?

A regular pyramid is a right pyramid whose base is a regular polygon. There are only three regular pyramids: a regular tetrahedron, a regular square pyramid, and a regular pentagonal pyramid.

Names of polygons with 11 sides to 20 sides?

11 regular hendecagon 12 regular dodecagon 13 regular triskaidecagon 14 regular tetradecagon 15 regular pentadecagon 16 regular hexadecagon 17 regular heptadecagon 18 regular octadecagon 19 regular enneadecagon 20 regular icosagon

What is difference between regular expression and regular definition in compiler?

Regular expression is built in and the regular definition has to build from regular expression........

What is the adjective for regular?

Regular is an adjective, and more rarely a noun (a regular soldier, or regular patron).

Is regular a verb?

Regular is an adjective, as in to put something in its regular place. Regular in a noun, as in the restaurant can always find a table for a regular customer.

Is a traingle is regular or not regular?

Only when its an equilateral triangle then it is a regular polygon

What is the difference between a semi regular and a regular tessellation?

A regular tessellation is based on only one regular polygonal shape. A semi-regular tessellation is based on two or more regular polygons.

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