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If a game is past 5 innings it is considered an official game (or if the home team is winning and they are playing the bottom of the 5th, this would also be an official game) -- if a team is winning at that time they get the win and all stats are recorded. If the game is in the 5th (other then noted above) the game is started as a new game with no stats recorded. If the game is after the 5th inning and the game is tied, the game will pick up exactly where they left off with all stats official. In the event that this happens during the middle of an inning or even an at-bat, when play resumes the count will remain the same when the resume

** If the game is "official" and past 5 innings, It will revert back to the last inning completed, i.e if a game is "called" in the middle of the 7th (assuming they dont resume the game) the game will revert back to the end of the 6th and the team winning will have won the game

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The game does not have to be resumed if it's an official game meaning once 5 innings have been played then it's considered an official game at which point if the game is called then the leading team will be considered the winner of the game and if the home team is winning after 4 and a half innings then it will also be considered an official game, in the event that a game is called and the game is not an official game such as being in the third inning or being in the top of the 4th inning then the game will be classified as postponed and nothing in the game will be counted and the game will be scheduled for a later game and they will completely restart it from the very first pitch.

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Q: If a baseball game is stopped because of rain and one team is leading how would they start the rescheduled game?
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