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There is no information as to what the underlying shape is! It is not even clear that the lines are all in the same plane!

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Q: If ad is 10 units ab is 8 units ac is 12 is units ed is 4.5 units and if aed is 100 degrees what is the measure of bec?
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If AD is 10 units AB is 8 units AC is 12 is units ED is 4.5 units and if AED is 100 degrees what is the measure of DEC?

80 degrees.

If aed equals 100 what is the measure of dec?


If aed equals 100 what is the measure of dc?


Abcd is a parallelogram if ad equals 10 units ab equals 8 units ac equals 12 units ed equal4.5 units and if angle aed equal 100 degrees what is the measure of angle bec?

As we read the question, we sketched it out here on our yellow pad. We got 100 degrees for angle 'bec', but we have no confidence in that result, because we're not at all sure that our sketch is the only possible one that fits the details in the question. We're pretty sure that this is another case where we really need to see the labeled drawing described in the question before we can tease out any reliable answer.

Abcd is a square and ebc is an equilateral triangle find the measure of angle aed?

The question is ambiguous. The point E could be inside the square or outside. Accordingly, the measure of angle AED could be 30 or 150 degrees. In future, please try not to ask ambiguous questions.

How many AED will you get for 100 Australian dollars?

400 dirhams

What is an AED certification?

An AED certification is a certification that you have been trained in the proper use of an AED.

How can you use AED?

To use the AED, first turn it on. Place the pads on the patient. (and plug the pad leads into the AED if required). The AED should analyze at this point; now follow the instructions of the AED.

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How much AED 13k in AED?


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A church can have an AED. Ours does.

Where can one find more information about home AED?

Automated External Defibrillators (AED units) are commercially available devices used to deliver a "shock" to a patient suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Sudden Cardiac Arrest, unlike a heart attack, is an electrical failure in the the heart's functionality wherein the heart improperly delivers oxygen-rich blood to the brain and other vital organs. AED units range in prices, specifications, and functionality. Some devices deliver "automatic" therapy, while others are "semi-automatic." Additionally, AED units range in the amount of energy (joules) they provide, the directions provided to the rescuer during an attempted save, battery life, etc. While AED manufacturers argue the competitive advantages of their products, all AED units save lives and buyers shouldn't be concerned with purchasing an inferior product or one that will not properly diagnose or deliver proper therapy treatment. The most important aspect of purchasing a life-saving product is feeling comfortable with one's selection. To do this, AED buyers should compare products by viewing an AED comparison matrix and test (through simulation) products they're interested in.