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Mod(36, 26) = 10 so it would be the 10th letter = J

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Q: If the alphabet kept repeating after Z and A was the 27th letter of the alphabet again - what would the 36th letter of the alphabet be?
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If the English alphabet kept repeating after Z with the 27th letter being A again the 28th letter being B and so on - What would the 45th letter of the alphabet be?

It would be S.

If the Alphabet kept repeating itself after Z - the 26th letter - what would the 31st letter be?


Where you would find B in the alphabet?

It's the second letter of the alphabet but the month letter in "the alphabet"

In what alphabet would you find the letter resh?

The letter "resh" can be found in the Hebrew alphabet.

What is the 13th letter of alphabet from letter E?

R would be the 13th letter in the English alphabet after the letter E. E is the 5th letter and R is the 18th letter in standard alphabetical order. There are 26 letters total in the English alphabet.

How would you write an R in the Cyrillic -Russian- alphabet?

The letter that makes the "R" sound looks just like the letter "P" in the English alphabet. It comes from the letter "rho" in the Greek alphabet.

If you wrote the alphabet 62 times what would the 801 letter be?

The letter u would be 801st.

Which number in the alphabet is the letter s?

Counting along with the order of the letters of the English alphabet with A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc. The letter 'S' would occupy the spot of the 19th letter of the alphabet.

What is the newest letter in the alphabet?

I would go with the uppercase U!

What is the word with every single letter in it?

That would be cool (and long) but NO there is not a word with every letter in the alphabet in it.

What is the letter after Delta?

If using the Greek alphabet, the next letter would be "Epsilon." If using the NATO phonetic alphabet, the next letter would be "Echo."

What is a symbol that represents a speech sound and is a unit of the alphabet starting with the letter k?

That would be the letter k.