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12 degrees colder

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Q: If the temperature dropped 2 degrees every hour for 6 hours what is the total number of degrees the temperature changed in 6 hours?
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The temperature dropped 2 degrees farinheight every hour for 6 hours what was the total number of degrees the temperature changed in 6 hours?

If the temperature dropped 2 degrees Fahrenheit every hour for 6 hours, the temperature would change 12 degrees. You multiply 2x6 to get the answer of 12.

How do you convert a temperature expressed in degrees Celsius to kelvins?

Add 273.15 to the number of Celsius degrees to get the same temperature in Kelvins.

On march 4th 1873 the morning temperature was -2 degrees farhenhiet by noon it was warmer how many degrees had the temperature risen?

The temperature had risen from -2 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning to a warmer temperature by noon. The exact number of degrees it had risen would depend on the new temperature at noon.

What is the circle beside the number called when you are measuring temperature?


Explain how to use the absolute value to find the number of degrees below zero the temperature was at noon?

To find the number of degrees, we will use number line.

What is the answer of the room temperature in celsius?

For the purposed of most calculations room temperature is taken to 20 degrees but of course there can be a huge varriance in this number.

What temperature in degrees Fahrenheit is equal to the reverse of that number in degrees Celsius?

16 Celsius = 61 Fahrenheit

Is windy a temperature?

No windy is a description of the wind conditions. Temperature measures hotness and is a number such as 30 degrees

When developing film the temperature of the chemicals and water A is unimportant B should be kept at 68 degrees C depends on how many exposures are on the roll of film?

Actually, that's 68 degrees F, and that's only for black & white film. Color runs at 100.4 degrees F--or 20 degrees C (B&W) and 38 degrees C (color). As to the rest of your question...the temperature you use isn't changed by the number of exposures on the roll.

What temperature is 20 colder than 44 F?

Temperature of 44F minus 20 degrees would be 24F. The number 24F degrees would be a common temperature on a winter day in the northeast USA.

Is 65 degrees a good number for killing bedbugs with temperature?

No, won't work.

Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich calculated the normal temperature in degrees Celsius then rounded it to the nearest degree This number was converted to what misleadingly imprecise number in degrees?

98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.