Is -12 a integers

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yes all whole numbers are integers

examples of non integers would be numbers with a decimal or fraction

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All numbers that are not fractions, and don't have decimal digits, are integers. That includes both positive and negative numbers.

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Q: Is -12 a integers
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What are the integers of 12?

By the uniqueness of integers, the only integer for 12 is 12 itself.

What are the integers of -8 and 12?

These are integers. So the integer if -8 is -8 and the integer of 12 is 12!

Why is 12 a factor?

All positive integers are factors of other integers. 12 is no exception.

What is -12 in integers?

-12 is already an integer.

What two integers have a sum of -3 and a product of -12?

No integers work

12 is the absolute value of what two integers?

-12 and 12

If product of 3 integers is -24 The sum of the integers is -12 What are the 3 integers?

-1, -3 and -8

How does multiplication of integers compared to addition or subtraction of integers?

Multiplication is the same as repeated addition. For example 12 * 3 = 12 + 12 + 12 12 * 4 = 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 and so on.

What two integers have a difference of 2 and a sum of -12?

The integers are -7 and -5.

The product of two consecutive even integers is 120 what are the integers?

10 and 12

Name all integers that have an absolute value of 12?

12 and -12

Which 2 Integers have a sum of -7 & a Product as 12?

Two integers that have a sum of -7 and a product of 12 are -3 and -4.

Are there two integers with a product of-12 and a sum of-3?


The sum or three consecutive is -12 find integers?


What numbers does -12 belong to?

-12 belongs to negative integers

What are the fraction of 3 and 12?

3 and 12 are integers, not fractions.

What three consecutive even integers have sum of -36?

The integers are -14, -12 and -10.

The sum of three consecutive integers is -12 find the integers?


What are three consecutive integers whose sum is 33?

The integers are 10, 11 and 12.

The sum of two consecutive integers is -25. which of these is one of those integers?

-13, -12

All integers that are 12 units from 0 on a number line?

-12 and 12

Rational numbers that are not integers?

Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as the quotient of two integers (3/2, 15/16). All integers, then, are rational numbers (12 = 12/1).

What is 9 12 25?

A triplet of integers.

What is two integers between -12 and plus 12 which will become two equations?

There are 23 different integers between -12 and 12. Any one of them can be used in one or more equations.

The greater of two consecutive even integers is 10 less than twice the smaller find the integers?

integers are x and x + 2, so x + 2 = 2x - 10 ie x = 12. Integers are 12 and 14