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Any number that has non-zero digits after the decimal point is NOT a natural number.

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No. Natural numbers are whole numbers.

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Q: Is 1.2112111211112111112 a natural number
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Is 9 an natural number?

No, but is a natural number.

Is there number 0 in natural number?

there is a zero in a natural number.

Is 0.32 a natural number?

no..a natural number is a whole number

What is a multiple of a natural number always?

A multiple of a natural number should be another natural number.

What number is both a natural number and irrational number?

No natural number is irrational.

Is 0 the only whole number that is not a natural number?

Depending on your definition of a natural number, 0 may or may not be a natural number. If you don't think 0 is a natural number, then it will be the only non-natural number that is whole.

Why the zero isn't a natural number?

It is a natural number!

Is 17 a natural number?

Yes, it is a natural number.

Can 56 be a natural number?

56 is a natural number.

Why is zero a whole number and not a natural number?

Zero is a natural number.

What number is a natural number but not a whole number?

0 is whole no but not a natural no.

Is 3.6 a natural number?

No, 3.4 is not a natural number. It is a decimal number

Is the number 0 the first natural number?

As we know that natural number are generally counting number.So "0" is not natural number.

Explain why there is no greatest natural number?

because the natural number is infinite so there is no greatest natural number

Is a real number a natural?

Yes a real number is a natural since real is natural so anything real is natural and so a real number is natural.

Is a natural number always a rational number?

A natural number is always a rational number .

Is Every whole number is a natural number number?

No its not, zero is a whole number but its not natural!!! :)

Is 6.25 a natural number?

6.25 is not a natural number, because it is not a whole number.

Is 101 a natural number?

YES. 101 is a natural number.

Who is father of natural number?

I want know of natural number

Is 0 a natural number?

Yes it is considered as a natural number.

Which is the smallest natural number?

1 is the smallest natural number.

Is -20 a natural number?

No, -20 is not a natural number. It is an integer.

Can every natural number be irrational?

No. No natural number can be irrational.

Is the reciprocal of each natural number a natural number?

No - the ONLY natural number which has a reciprocal which is also a natural number is "1". All the other reciprocals of natural numbers will be fractions that are less than 1.

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