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They are the same.

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Q: Is 11 ft 4 in longer or shorter than 135 in?
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Is 11 foot 4 inches longer than 135 inches?

yes it is

Is 11 ft 4 in bigger than 135 in?

1 ft = 12 in → 11 ft 4 in = 11 × 12 in + 4 in = 132 + 4 in = 136 in > 135 in → 11 ft 4 in > 135 in → Yes, 11 ft 4 in is "bigger" than 135 in.

11 ft 4 in. is longer or 135 in.?

Yes by just one inch

Triangle has two sides of length 4 and 15 What value could the length of the third side be?

The third side must be longer than 11 and shorter than 19.

Could a triangle has lengths of 4 9 11?

Yes that is possible. To check, you add the two shorter sides, and they should be longer than the longest side.

Is 11ft 4 in. Longer then 135 in.?

Yes because 11 feet and 4 inches equals 136 inches

How long does a sunspot cycle last?

Sunspots usually last for an irregular 11 year cycle. They can be shorter or longer, but average is 11 years.

Is 1 kilometre longer than 11 kilometers?

Of course not, how could 1 be more than 11?

What is 11 cu. yd. 17 cu. in. 135?

The answer depends on 135 WHAT!

A 15 ft piece of string is cut into 2 pieces so that the longer piece is 3 ft longer than twice the shorter piece if the shorter piece is x feet long find the lenght of both pieces?

11 feet! y=2x+3 x+y=15 2x+3+x=15 3x=12 x=4 15-4=11 the two pieces are 4 feet and 11 feet

When will the baby hamsters look like hamsters?

they should start to look like hamsters after 11-12 days (some take longer/shorter than others) hope this helped! xoxo iluvedwardcullen16

What is greater 11 ft 4in or 135 in?

11 ft 4 inches is greater than 135 inches1 foot = 12 inches11ft 4 inches = (11 ft * 12 inches/1foot) + 4 inches= 132 + 4= 136 inches

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