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Dividing a number is the same as multiplying by its multiplicative inverse. Ergo, they are the same if both numbers are 17.43.

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Q: Is 17.43 divided by 100 is the same as 174.3 multiply by 0.01 explain?
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X 0.1 is the same as divided by what?

multiply by 0.1 or divide by 10 you'll got same result :)))

Why is 12 divided by 1 the same thing as 6 divided by one half?

yes, both give same result (12), do the same to the top and bottom (divide or multiply) and the result is the same.

What is fourteen divided by one-fifth?

To divide by a fraction is the same as to multiply by the reciprocal. Instead of dividing by 1/5, multiply by 5/1, that is, by 5.

Is negative 16 divided by 9 equal to 32 divided by negative 18?

Yes it is; note if you multiply numerator & denominator by 2 the fractions are the same.

What is an equivalent division problem?

In equivalent division, you multiply (or divide) the dividend and the divisor by the same number to form a new problem that is easier to calculate metally. The new problem will produce the same quotient. ie: 2 divided by 1/2, if you multiply 2 by 2 you get 4 and if you multiply 1/2 by 2 you get 1. 4 divided by 1 = 4. This is the same as the answer to 2 divided by 1/2 (4), it is just easier to do in your head.

Explain how you can use multiplication to find the primeter of a square?

you find the perimeter of one side and multiply it by how many you have the same number.

Is the quotient of Sixty three divided by Seven greater than or less than the quotient of Fifty four divided by Six Explain?

they are the same they are both 9

What number do you need to multiply by 100 to get the same results as 16.2 divided by 10?

16.2/10 = 1.620.0162 x 100 = 1.62

When you divide a whole number by a fraction with a numerator of 1 explain how you can find the quotient?

When dividing by fractions, multiply the whole number by the reciprocal of the fraction. In this case, it's the same as multiplying the whole number by the denominator. 5 divided by 1/2 = 5 x 2/1 = 10

How you divide rational numbers?

take a/b divided by c/d, this is the same as a/b X d/c So you multiply by the reciprocal

What is 2 8 in simplest form?

2/8 = 1/4 because 2 divided by 2 is one and 8 divided by 2 is 4 . hint divide numerator and denominator with the same number that equals the same of the numbers when u multiply

What is the answer to 6 11 as a fraction divided by 10 17 as a fraction?

To divide by a fraction, you multiply by the reciprocal. In this case, 6/11 divided by 10/17 is the same as 6/11 x 17/10.